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My mother just discovered who her biological father is via DNA, and he lives five minutes down the road from me.

Since this discovery, "GrandPow" has been very welcoming and loving to our lives and our huge family. We've even celebrated Hanukah together, played paddle ball, and he and his lovely wife spend time with my four year old daughter at least once a week.

My mother was born in 1968. A few months before that my grandmother (A black woman), and my grandfather had a "60s moment." Grandpow didn't know their brief encounter produced a baby, and they never saw each other again.

My grandmother withheld the truth from my mother until her passing in 2004. She told her another man was her father, and everybody knows red + blue = purple. So Black + Black doesn't equal high yellow. My mother knew in her heart her father was still out there and she didn't let anything stop her from discovering the truth.


When DNA Testing became available my mother discovered our Jewish Heritage, and with the help of some DNA detectives, she eventually found out who her father was. In 2018, she discovered his name, Googled him, then boldly called him at his job. When she finally got the seventy-two year old man on the phone,  she said she thinks he may be able to help her find out who her father is.

Once again they spoke and she filled in the (true) details of the reason for her reaching out to him about her father. In disbelief, he denied any relations with an African-American woman. But DNA doesn't lie.

He immediately called his cousin, an MIT graduate, and his cousin reiterated that, yes, indeed, DNA doesn't lie. Ever since that moment, Grandpow chose love.

He could've said "Yes, she is my daughter, but I already have a daughter, and a son, and a grandson."

But instead, he chose love.

So with the new addition of his daughter, he's now added six grandchildren, with me being the new "oldest," & six great grandchildren to his legacy. My Chicago-based family is jealous of me because my wife and I live so close to our newfound Grandpow.

Celebrating Hanukah for the first time with my Grandpow, his wife, and my family meant so much to me as I am accustomed to being around Jewish, Israeli, & Persian traditions. We lit the candle, said our prayers, ate latkes and donuts! Yes, I could get used to this!

Learning of my Jewish heritage has added so much more meaning to our parties & events. It allows us to connect with the client on a deeper level, which makes the party infinitely that much better.

Thank you for choosing to party with us. We don't just party because we're good at it. It's who we are. it's in our DNA.

Never give up. Choose love. And don't forget to wrap it up because DNA doesn't lie!

- Adam Welton (featuring specific edits from his mother, Stacey Welton)

Anderson Cooper and Howie Mandel Flash Mob Proposal:
Our History

Adam Welton started hosting events when he made history at Northwestern University's Dance Marathon in the fall of 2004. Todd Johnson (NU '08) and Adam Welton were the first freshman couple to host this historic and epic 30 hour charity event, and went on to make history and host the event for the next four years of their college career.

Since then Adam has traveled Europe, Israel, and Africa and has worked for prestigious organizations like Comedy Central and the Walt Disney Company. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream to be one of the hottest multi-talented visionaries to impact the globe.


After living in LA for over ten years, Adam now lives in Chicago, IL where he hosts the "1Hunnid Podcast on Youtube." The Podcast features actors, comedians, musicians, and entertainers all focused on the theme of keeping it "100."

He loves his two daughters Laila and Alani, and most of all his wifey Sammy!

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